Billiken, 1/6 scale vinyl
Scratch built base using balsa wood and unused model pieces

This is the first (and probably the last, alas) Billiken I've ever been able to get a hold of.
I got it through the clubhouse for a good price (thanks, Greg!)
Billiken models sure are nice to work with.

The buildings, people and cars came from those Fundamensions (?) models of giant bugs and such attacking cities.
I had bought them at $5 apiece at Toys R Us but never built them. I was actually throwing them in the recycling bin
when I noticed what was in them - HO scale people in a general panic! Those are very hard to find -
most model train enthusiasts don't need people running for their lives (except maybe Gomez Addams).

Grrr! Just like the Famous Monsters cover, which I used on a billboard:

Actually, that FM cover is the only time I've ever seen anything about this movie.
I hear it's terrible. But, wow -that image is etched in my mind forever!

The trees and grass came from A.C. Moore. I dappled the trees with yellow and drybrushed the trunks to give them depth.

The street lines are pinstripe tape from Megahobby. The stores are places I always went to as a kid.

Painting HO scale people is insane. The brush has a tip the size of a toothpick.

Head for the hills!

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