1/7th scale (for the actress playing the woman), resin, with a die-cast car
(and one teeny strip of wood across the top of the brick wall to make it look finished)
Produced by Alchemy Works / sculpted by Chris Lynch

What a coooool model! And what a neat theater!


I couldn't have done justice to the resin car that was included with the kit, so I bought a diecast car instead. Well worth it!


This is one ticked-off lady! Her husband Harry (in her hand right now) is a slime-bucket.


At the suggestion of my wife Tara, I added an 1/8th " strip of balsa wood across the top of the brick wall and painted it to look like concrete.
The wall didn't look quite right without it.


I also printed out two teeny-tiny US Post Office logos and glued them to the sides of the mailbox.


I love the signs!



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