Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, 1920 Barrymore version

1/6 scale, resin, produced by Zotz. sculpted by Jeff Yagher


I originally painted the face and hands green, but he looked too much like the Wicked Witch of the West.
So I dry-brushed ivory over it and did a couple of wash & wipes of walnut. The green is still there, but it's less pronounced.
The coat is mocha brown with morrocan red and gold sponge-daubed onto it in layers. The more layers you do, the more it looks like a pattern.

I added the two bottles and the cup. The bottles are filled with non-diluted food coloring.
The book pages were printed in photoshop and then glue-sticked onto the resin book.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, 1920 Barrymore version

1/8 scale, resin, Dedham Pond Designs, sculpted by Joe Simon
Scratch-built base, balsafoam (God's gift to diorama-makers).
Nameplate from Fritz, the Headless Hearseman.

Looney tunes! I was so psyched when I saw this sculpt!
The movie is from 1920 and is VERRRY slow, until he starts getting extremely violent and psychotic.
At that point, things get scary. This pose is from the scene where he kills his fiance's father outside his lab,
where they had just had an argument about what has happened to Jekyll based on the father's bad advice.

Jekyll beats him with his cane, then takes a bite out of his neck, then gets up and hits him one more time, breaking the cane.
The figure is of Hyde just before breaking the cane, but after drawing blood. Jeez, the guy's already dead!



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