1/6th scale, resin. Sculpted by Jeff Yagher and produced by Rebel Resin.

I waited a long time for this baby, and it was worth the wait!
Lon Chaney plays two roles in this lost 1922 film: this ape-like creature and the evil Doctor who made him this way.

This is the first time I photographed with a new home-made light kit. I used three really bright LED penlights that I got at the counter of the local Hardware store.
I also got a small roll of 14-2 Romex wire (the type of electrical wire in your walls), which is very stiff. I cut three 24" sections and twisted them together.
Then I taped the light onto one end and splayed the bottom end into three 6" legs to let the thing stand on. It worked great! Do this for three lights and it comes to about $40.
You can adjust the intensity of each light by just moving it closer or further away.

A really good likeness of Chaney in his docile expression. He also has a raging beast expression which would have been as good, but not necessarily better.


I added a lever and a wall switch to the pillar; I noticed them in a publicity photo from the movie.

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