Mondo Frankenstein Diorama Time!!

The figures: Yagher Classics 5 & 6, 1/6 scale, resin. Sculptor: Jeff Yagher / Producer: XOFacto
The three BIG pieces of Kenneth Strickfaden Equipment:
Frankenstein's Laboratory, 1/6th scale, 3D printed,
Portable Radio, headphones and speaker: Metal, rubber, and some plastic; available from Monkey Depot
Small machine behind Henry & the Bride: Monsters In Motion's "Crazy, Am I?" / Nameplate: Starlighting Productions

This is the biggest, baddest model I own!

Years in the making! I've been trying to do these four figures justice for about a decade now!



This is one BIG and HEAVY model. I didn't permanently attach any of the figures or equipment just in case I need to move it someday.


The Bride And Groom
1/4 scale, resin / sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Lil'Monsters / originally produced by Kit Kong

This is a BIG and beautiful kit!




Here's a 3D photo of the kit. If you use a prismatic pair of stereoscopic viewing glasses, it looks great.

You may need to mess with the zoom in order for it to be the right size on your monitor.






Aurora Box Art Tribute - "Bride Of Frankenstein"
1/7 scale, resin / sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Monsters In Motion


Yikes! It only took fifty years, but I finally have the model that I thought was in the box when I bought the Aurora "Bride of Frankenstein" model as a kid!
(Most kids were disappointed when opening one of the Aurora Monster Models in the sixties - the models didn't look anything like the ultra-cool James Bama paintings on their boxes.)


It's great to finally be able to take a picture of this.

I love the way her eyes came out.
The kit only came with one electrode; the electrical engineer in me was irritated to no end about that,
so I made a second electrode.




The pipe holding up the huge wheel is made of steel. A resin pipe came with the kit, but I was afraid that it would warp over the years.
I asked for help on the Clubhouse Forums, and a fellow member went down in his basement and cut and bent a piece of steel for me!
(It pays to have friends in high places.)
There wasn't any pole at all included for the lamp, so I bought a piece of hollow brass tubing and used a bender on it,
another excellent suggestion from a clubhouse member.



The kit didn't include the chains, either. I had to buy these online.

And the distilling bottle and the flask were both cast in white resin; it really bugged me. Originally the kit had come with clear bottles.
I actually re-cast the two using clear resin, as well as re-casting the electrode on the side of the Bride's head (see above).
It was a long and complicated process, and now that I've been through it, I never want to do it again!


I'm very proud of the paint job on the nameplate! I have no idea how I learned to be so patient.....


The Bride of Frankenstein
Yagher Classics 5 & 6
1/6 scale
sculptor: Jeff Yagher / producer: XOFacto

A classic! Well, OK, two classics! And I finally bagged them!

The dynamism of the pose of Dr. Praetorius demands that he be pegged to the floor since he's off balance. You'd be a bit off-balance, too....

Dr. Frankenstein also needs to lean on the Bride, else he'd fall over as well.





I love the expressions on their faces. This is the best Colin Clive model I've seen. And his nose was missing when I got the model used! I had to sculpt a new one, but I did a pretty good job.


I built a diorama for it a few years later - here it is:

The floor is balsafoam; the walls are a wooden frame with "plaster wrap" laid over them.


The doorway leads to stairs; the stairway is lit by a torch that I got from Starlight Productions (?). It's lit up and flickers red and orange.

The electrical apparatus came from Monsters-in-Motion's "Crazy, Am I?" kit.

1/7th scale, resin
from Kitkong's Mansion

This thing is a beast! It took forever to build and paint, with lots of roadblocks and dead ends along the way.
But wow, was it worth the effort!

I usually don't go for girl models or for variations on the classic horror icons, but this one knocked me out and became a "must-have" for me.

Moebius, 1/8th scale, styrene, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

This is probably the most beautiful styrene model I've ever seen.
The bottles were a nightmare, though.


What an expression on Karloff's face....

....and also on the face of the Bride. I have a feeling this date is not going to go well...

The Bride of Frankenstein
1/6 scale, resin, scratch-built table:

and, of course, old faithful from Aurora:

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