figure and nameplate: 1/6 scale, resin, sculpted by Joe Laudati for M&M / Sassy's Satellite
base: scratchbuilt, balsa wood, balsafoam (books and bricks),
dollhouse persian rug (dipped in watery black acrylic paint to make it look old.)

If you ever find yourself thinking about putting this much effort into a model, then you know it's time to go for a long walk.
In my case, I doubted there would ever be another "Cat And The Canary" model, so I just had to put in the effort.

I have a love/hate relationship with the 1927 film. It's unfortunately one of those silents with "mouth-watering stills".
The movie itself is very old and creaky. However, KINO has a great print of it, and it is rather enjoyable, if a bit slow at times.
It feels like it was made in 1922, not 1927. But it is a Universal Horror film, so it's part of the canon.

The oil portraits are images off of Google, decoupaged to balsawood and then framed.
All the wood, including trim and frame, came from Northeast Scale Lumber. Download their pdf catalog and use it to order online.



BOO! (The monster is a phony, of course. He's just out for the family inheritance.
No spoiler alert here - you can guess the ending 15 minutes into the movie.)


Here are some work-in-progress photos that I had previously posted online:

Lotsa books, carved from balsafoam:

bookcases made of balsawood:

a mock-up to check for scale:

and my first view of all the books in the cases, along with the doll-house rug before blackening:

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