1/6th scale, resin
Sculpted by Jeff Yagher / base by Mike Allen / Produced by Forbidden Zone
extra glass bottles from Moebius's styrene "Invisible Man" kit
brain from Monsters on the Shelf, sculpted by Joseph Williams

This is about as good as modeling gets.....

It took two of us to glue the arms and bodies together, and it was still a major hassle!

Yep, he's floating! There's a peg in the Doc's knee that fits into a hole in the creature's thigh.



I had trouble with Lee's coloring. In the movie, there's nothing but white - no detail at all.


I didn't have any trouble with Cushing's face!
I did the eyes in a manner that I learned from David Fisher's "Modelmania" videos.


This looks like a shot from the movie:

The base in all its glory:


I just love the bottles! The labels came with the kit.


The bottles with the corks are filled with liquid. Duh - I can't put them out in the model museum because it's not heated and they'll freeze and pop.
I'm going to fill them with tinted resin instead.


The brain jar, the jar of blood, the orange jar, and the brownish glass are filled with resin. The blue flask is styrene and was painted on the inside before being glued together.


This was the styrene flask from "The Invisible Man". I glued it together and then cracked it with wire snippers.
I also spread some "broken glass" resin on the floor; that stuff came with this kit.
The spilled blood is resin.


The brown jug is one of the clear bottles that came with the kit. I had so many of them that I primed one and turned it into this jug. (I had previously bought a separate set as did the person from whom I bought this kit.)
The other jugs were taped off and then painted on the bottom and a bit of the sides. It gives a cool effect. Two of the flasks were left clear.


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