resin, 1/6 scale, sculpted by Joe Laudati

What a movie, and what a model! And what a pain to build (no offense to the producer).
I needed to glue the demon together and putty the seams before I began painting,
But once it's assembled, I couldn't put it down anywhere - the wings seemed so fragile,
I didn't want the beast to lean on them. Plus there's a tail in the back, and the front has those talons.

And the beast is so heavily textured, it took forever to get the paint to cover it.
I primed it gray and then painted it all bright red - I had a demon from hell in mind.



Then I did a heavy drybrush of burnt umber (just for the pun of it), a wash and wipe of black,
a medium drybrush of georgia clay, and then a light drybrush of dark goldenrod.
I know a lot of folks would go for the Basil Gogos-style colors, but I'm not very good at that
(though I admire it).





If this model weren't named after a movie, I'd call it "GAME OVER".




Karswell gets his comeuppance....



I took an outdoor photo as well so you can see the paint scheme under normal light.




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