1/4th scale, resin
produced by Kit Kong, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

This is the biggest model I own. It's about 24 inches high, and is heavy enough to be considered a blunt instrument in a murder mystery!



I decided to dirty him up a bit, though he looks pretty clean during the final scenes of the movie.



I lightly drybruashed some light brown around the edges of all the tears in his shirt.
It doesn't make sense (unless his hands were constantly caked in dirt), but it looks great!




I wish the inside of the base were visible from the front. It looks really cool.



1/6 scale, resin
produced by Monsters in Motion (?), sculpted by Jeff Yagher (?)

I bought this a long, long time ago and had kept it in a large diorama with other werewolves and shady characters (see below), but it never had its own base.
Now that I've moved the models, the old "bad neighborhood" dio no longer exists, so I figured it was time to do this baby up!

The base is balsa foam and the bars are wooden dowels. The hay is hay, but I had to slice it thinner and cut it shorter to make it 1/6th scale - that's obsessive!
I sprayed a bit of adhesive, pushed some hay in the corner, sprayed a bit more adhesive, added more hay, etc.
Then I took my time and molded it until it looked right. At that point, I dullcoated it so that it wouldn't stay sticky and gather debris.
And the rat - well, any self-respecting modeler has rats...

I had Staples do a good print of a 5X7 print of the moon I found online. It looks pretty cool out the window.

The old "A Very Bad Neighborhood" diorama:


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