Figure sculpted by ?, produced by Resin Crypt
Lab table, floor, stool, and accessories by produced by Monsters On The Shelf, sculpted by Joseph Williams.
Tray of "Synthetic Flesh" scratch built: tin box, "fire effect" LEDs, distressed cotton ball

One of my "Holy Grail" figures, even though I had never actually seen one, Vin from Resin Crypt came through and cast one up for me.
Then I got a hold of Monsters On The Shelf's old "operation table" kit - it was a smorgasbord of extras; there's still plenty of stuff in there for other kits.


"Synthetic Flesh!!!"

Man, I love this movie (Doctor X, 1932)!
Hunt it down and watch it now!



The bottles are cast in colored resin surrounded by clear resin. I have no idea how he pulled that off.
I formed the wires around a large nail and pulled tightly, which coiled them nicely.

I went nuts trying to find a suitable tray for the "Synthetic Flesh" compound that the fiend was making.
I finally found a set on amazon that was designed for homemade mints and such; I discarded the sliding cover.

Very nice brown jugs as well! The packing crate in the rear is from a dollhouse maker on ebay. I'm using it to hide the battery for the LEDs.

This came out SO cool - and it flickers! It just goes to show you - try anything and see if it works!

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