1/6th scale, cold cast resin
Produced by Killer Kits, England
Sculpted by Mike Hill / scratch-built base, balsafoam

(The iron gate's origins are unknown. I bought a bunch of accessories off of a guy who had no idea where it came from.
I don't know where the bat came from, either. It was in my accessories drawer, so I used it)

This is my first sculpted base! I only needed two sheets of 6" X 9" balsafoam; I hardly had any scrap left over.
After I finished carving it, I took a hint from David Fisher's "Modelmania" videos and brushed resin all over it.
The balsafoam absorbs the resin and the result is much more durable than the easy-to-break balsafoam.


I had already finished the model (see older pics below), but when I subsequently worked on my "Curse of Frankenstein" model, I realized that this Dracula, which would be displayed next to it, would be needing a suitable base.


Dang, but I thought I was going to mess this up big time!

The moss is from a scenic diorama supply pack that I got at a crafts store. I sprayed the area with a scenic glue and then sprinkled their HO-scale-train-set "grass" on it.


You can also see HO-scale "bushes" (slightly darker green than their grass) where the wall meets the rubble.


This was fun! I would highly recommend trying a balsa-foam base brushed with resin. It can make you feel (almost) like a real sculptor!

These are the older pre-base pictures I took:

BOO! This is an impressive kit, both in weight and in the dynamicism of the sculpt.

I always wanted a Lee kit for the museum, and this one stood out, I love the flow of the cape.




This was a joy to paint.


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