1/6 scale, resin / Sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Monsters In Motion
scratch-built backdrop / nameplate by Nick DiRado

Yeow! Just like the box art!

Aurora (and James Bama) used a publicity photo of Bela from 1948's "Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein" when doing the box art in 1961.
Because of this, you're looking at a much older Bela than in 1931's "Dracula".


I added the painted backdrop - it's a sheet of plexiglass, primed and painted.
I also added the cobwebs, using the leftover Halloween stuff.


I'm very proud of the bats! They're suspended in air using 22-gauge stiff wire, painted the same as the background.
One end is drilled into the bat, and the other is drilled into the wall.
I found the wire in a Michael's store. It's supposed to be used in designing artificial flower displays, but it's stiff enough to hold up the bats without bending.




Dr. Seward's Drawing Room - remodeled!

The foamcore wall warped over the winter, so I replaced it with a slightly larger framed foamcore wall and added columns, urns, wall cameos, and a screen and fender.

Then I switched out the Dracula figure, because I thought the newer one from Monsters In the Woods (see below) was more appropriate for the scene.


1/6 scale, resin / Sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Monsters From The Woods

I thought I had enough Draculas, but this one from Monsters From The Woods is one of the best I've seen, so I had to get it.

Man, did Jeff nail Bela on this one!


I'm going to replace my other Yagher Dracula in "Dr. Seward's Drawing Room" with this one. His expression is more appropriate for the scene.

I tried something different on the cape this time - a dark "Sonoma Wine" as a base, a generous drybrush of a medium "Morrocan Red",
and finally a highlight drybrush of a bright "Opaque Red". I was so pleased with the result that
I'm re-painting another 1/6 scale Yagher Dracula I have that I didn't do as good a job on. (See "The Drawing Room" below for the current version of it.)

The Drawing Room
all three figures: resin, 1/6th scale, XOFacto - sculpted by Jeff Yagher
mantelpiece: resin, sculpted by John Coates / wall: foamcore / trim: balsa wood / doll house rug

I feel like I died and went to heaven..... oh, man, what a diorama!




"Dracula's Daughter"
1/6th scale, resin, XOFacto, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

A beautiful sculpt by Yagher. I love the flow of the cape. I did it in moroccan red with a black wash to show off the folds.

Man, does she look like Gloria Holden in this shot! I re-did her eyes glancing off to the side and down as I remembered them from the film.
The model came with beautifully sculpted eyes looking upward, but I thought this resembled her far better.


Nice little pit of flames as well!


"Earthen Dead"
1/4 scale, Kitkong, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

My God, what more can be said about garage kits. This model is incredible,
and it's a sculpt I've wanted someone to do for a long, long, time.
Just look at the flow of the cape! This is a work of art.

The hair and the lapels were finished in satin. It gives a great sheen to his crest, just like in the Univeral film.


The buttons, shoes, and pant stripes were finshed in gloss.


Here's the base. This is the first time I used browns and greens on rocks along with the greys.
I should've been doing this a long time ago.

The bat came from The Headless Hearseman (good old Fritz)!
It was part of the excellent armadillo and nameplate set that he sells.
I used that set in the deluxe Janus Dracula (see below), and didn't really need the bat for it.
I saved it for a model like this!

The rope was missing a piece, which I replaced with Alves. I'm so proud of myself -
it's almost not noticeable! I guess that was the case with all of the castings.
Hey, it was worth trying to fix - this is a beautiful model,
and if you're into garage kits, you've got to be prepared to do a bit of fixing up.


The ring is silver and bright red. I put a gloss varnish on the red gem.

Here's a side-by-side with the Aurora model. This thing's HUGE!
If you get this model, you'll need a large spot for it in your house.
I've put the 1/4 scale figures in my living room on brackets, reserved for a very few classic horror icons like this.

Here's what the paint job looks like under outdoor lighting.
The darn bat fell off again:


"Dracula" and "Dracula's Bride" Deluxe kit
1/6 scale, solid and hollow-cast resin, Janus
Company - figures sculpted by Mike Hill, base by John Garcia

This is the centerpiece of my model collection.
And it really is in the center - it's too big for a shelf, so it needs it's own table.

A spookier shot:

A shot of the base, including the nameplate and armadillo from The Headless Hearseman:

base details:

Even the back of the base is detailed:

I got this great email a long time ago from John Ulakovic, who ran Janus Company in his spare time during the glory days of the garage kit scene:


I am the owner of Janus Company, the maker of the Dracula, Bride and Hunchback you have on your site. All three of the kits were based upon my concept sketches and work that was sub-contracted out to four different sculptors. While I was not 100% responsible for sculpting the Dracula/Bride base you spoke so glowingly about, a sculptor from Palacious,Texas named John Garcia did the majority. I did the finishing work, or about 20% of it. He is really good at adding realism like the armor, baby skeleton and religious statue. I just developed the concept, let him run with it and then, at the tail end, "pointed it up" a bit.

In any case, I was and am still very impressed with your work and your website. Frankly, I think you did a better job of presenting our Dracula & Bride kit on the web than we did! Have you ever visited our website? It is:

One of the guys who works on kit-dioramas fell upon your site and he relayed the hyperlink to me. After visiting, I had to write and pay you a compliment.

Let me know if you are ever interested in other Janus kits.

All the best - John Ulakovic



Boy, I wish they were still around!

And, of course, old faithful from Aurora:

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