Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman
1/7th scale, resin
Re-Produced by Shadow Kreations in 2019 / Sculpted by Jeff Yagher
Nameplate by The Headless Hearseman
Tree, dirt, moss vegetation added

This took quite awhile!

I Added the tree, some dirt, and the moss after watching the movie (again).

Excellent, excellent sculpt.



Bela even has his right-cheek mole!


Wolfie's nose is cold and wet! He's in good health!!!



A detail of the base. I worked on it for a long time before tackling the figures.


Don't ever throw anything out - I found this nameplate in my junk drawer!
I even remember receiving it and thinking "well, maybe I'll have a "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman" model someday".
I even remember picturing this model in my mind, though at the time it was long out of print.
Thanks to Troy Naeyaert of Shadow Creations for re-popping this one!


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