Godzilla 2000
cold-cast resin, the figure is about 4 inches tall
Sculpted by Akira Ibaraki, K.O.C.

I love this kit, and I was dying to photograph it! It looks soooo cool!

The snout was actually missing from the figure that I received - I had to sculpt it with Alves modeling putty. The top row of teeth were OK, though - the palate was a separate peice from the head.


"Sure we can build a nuclear reactor on the shoreline! What could possibly go wrong?"

I love the beach (both in this model and in real life)!
I painted the fading sand as it dissappears under the water, and then I glossed the waves. It really give the illusion of being deep, though it's only a millimeter thick.

Styrene, Polar Lights, about 18" tall

WOW! Polar Lights hit the ball out of the park with this one!
It's HUGE, and befitting such a giant!

Old faithful from Aurora, with that "hopping out of the shower" pose.

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