Aurora Box Art Tribute

sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Pestilence Labs

1/6th scale, resin / plexiglass background painted with acrylics & lit from behind

The background sculpture of the towers was a bit too low for me, so I mounted it on a block of stained wood.

Positioned into the classic pose form the box art!

This is a HEAVY model!

Just like the old Aurora model, the rope around the waist was difficult to attach!



The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Sculpted by Jeff Yagher, produced by XO-Facto

1/6th scale, resin

What more can be said about modeling? This sculpt by Jeff Yagher is as good as it gets. When I was ready to buy one of these, the site was gone....
Luckily for me, I found a completed one on eBay and the seller gave me a break (I promise to find out who it was).
I had to lighten his skin tones to match my other models, but other than that, this is his paint job.
Yagher captured Chaney's facial expression perfectly - a captured animal who doesn't know why it's being beaten.
In the film, this reaction is actually towards Esmerelda, who has only come to bring him water after he's been whipped and left in the sun for hours.
(Wish I had a model of Patsy Ruth-Miller offering him water to add to this... hint-hint...)

This is a much earlier sculpt from Jeff Yagher (? - I could be wrong) that was put out by the dearly-missed Janus company.
This was the vinyl version; there was also a more expensive resin version available.

Finally, the Monsters In Motion Charles Laughton Hunchback. Someday I'll get around to building a diorama for it (I've already got the gargoyles).
Laughton was great in this role - very sympathetic (tear-inducing, actually), which went against his grain a bit when veiwed next to his other great performances.

Ah, yes - old faithful. The original Aurora model with some fuzzy hair that I attached to make it more like Chaney.
This is an original from 1964 - I remember opening it up on Easter morning (there's a Catholic connection there somewhere),
and somehow it survived the decades. I stripped it in the 1990s with Pine-Sol (phew!) and re-painted it.

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