Mr. Hyde
1/6 scale, resin / Monsters In Motion / Sculpted by Jeff Yagher

This was my first resin model. When I bought this in the late nineties, I had never seen a model of this lunatic before in any medium.
I thought it was SO cool and caught him SO well - scared and looking over his shoulder, ready to pounce on anyone who was following him -
that I just HAD to buy it. Bless my wife Tara - she agreed! And then I was in resin heaven - in sculpt quality, this was light years away from styrene.

I watched the movie again the other night after taking these photographs, and I was once again blown away by Frederic March's performance.
It doesn't even occur to the viewer that these two guys are the same actor!
And WOW, is this Pre-Code movie all about sexual frustration! What a difference compared to all the other versions. Watch it again and see what I mean.

The lamppost has wilted over time; I may fix it with a metal rod, but for now it looks very Cailgari-ish.

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