1/6th scale, resin, Janus Company
Figures sculpted by Jeff Yagher, diorama by John Ulakovic (owner of Janus Company)


One of my Holiest of Holy Grail kits, and I finally got one on eBay!



I re-scanned the sheet of publicity photos on my Mac and gave them more "oomph" in Photoshop.
Then I printed them on glossy photo paper.
They're decoupaged to the base.


Three excellent sculpts! I went a bit cartoony with the colors to contrast with the real Lon, who is sitting close by.



The makeup kit from Hades!
I put off dealing with this for a week. Then I took my time painting it (and painting it and painting it) until it looked neat.
Then I cut out the labels using a very sharp x-acto knife and a magnifying light.
I put them on with decoupage. They're so tiny, you can actually touch them with the x-acto knife and pick them up off of your workspace.
Then you can use the knife to place each label as well.

Lon's trying on the teeth for "A Blind Bargain", a whacked-out film that sadly no longer exists.
The wig on the desktop is for the same movie.
The Vampire seems to approve.....


Lotsa photos. I also successfully cut out the "FRAGILE" stencil. I waited until I finished the labels, which was a good idea.
By then I was pretty handy with the x-acto knife.


Lon in the mirror! It's actually a sheet of reflective mylar you need to cut to size.
The surface the mylar is glued to has been painted multiple coats of white for maximum reflectivity.

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