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1935's "Mark of The Vampire" with Bela Lugosi is a widely available sound remake of the lost 1927 silent film "London After Midnight".
Although even "Mark of the Vampire" was rarely seen before the home video revolution, both films have developed a cult status
due to their mouth-watering promo stills and the fact that both were directed by the legendary wacko, Tod Browning.

"Mark of the Vampire" is available as part of a great Horror Classics DVD boxed set from MGM.
A very good reconstruction of the lost "London After Midnight", using publicity photos,
is available on the "Lon Chaney Collection" DVD from Turner Classics.
Disappointingly, neither movie is very good except for atmospheric photography and sets,
since the vampires turn out to be fakes, part of a hair-brained scheme by the police to catch a killer.
Very silly movies, indeed. So why do I keep watching them?

Luna With Wings
1/8th scale, resin / sculpted by Christopher Elizardo / produced by Monsters In Motion

with JL Crinon base

Wow! I've never seen a really good model of Carol Borland in this role, and then this came out!
She's much more dynamic in this model than she is in the movie itself.
And this base from JL Crinon rocks!

Here's a few shots of the base by itself:

other views of Luna:

1/6th scale, resin, unknown manufacturer / sculptor
scratch-built base, styrofoam and poured plaster

Apparently in the original script, Count Mora blew his brains out for having an incestuous relationship
with his daughter, Luna, played by Carol Borland. This was taken out of the script, leaving the question:
why the bullet hole in the temple?


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