1/8th scale, cold cast porcelain from Toscano for real cheap!
Scratch-built base from balsafoam


Honest to God, I got this from Toscano. Hunt around for it - I think it was about $20.


I made the base out of a bunch of balsa foam; it's based on a still from the movie:

I also did a black wash over the whole statue and then wiped it off. It made it look so cool!


1/4 scale, resin, sculpted by Scott Whitworth, produced by KitKong Mansion.
Back wall scratch built by Tim and Tara Casey.

A thing of beauty to behold!
I originally spray-painted the whole robot metallic gold and lived with that for a week, during which time I noticed how much she looked like an Oscar.
So I did a few washes of black do give her more of a steampunk look.


We replaced the thin plexiglass platform with real glass. This is a large and heavy model, and we were afraid the platform would warp over time.
We also added a piece of balsafoam sprayed with one of those faux-texture spray cans,
and Tara graciously cut the plexiglass strips for the rear wall. They were then glued together and sprayed gold.

A detail of the original base:



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