1/12th scale (if you measure "Primo"), resin
from Bizarro Productions, sculptor unknown

An early garage kit, this probably came out in the late eighties / early nineties.

The casting was terrible, as was the case for many early garage kits.
Primo, the wrestler, barely looked human.
I had to sand down so many seams I thought he would erode away!

I've always loved this film - a great "horror" film for kids, since Joe is obviously the nicest pet a kid could have. And he turns out to be such a hero!


I wasn't sure how this kit would come out until I did the eyes.
Boy, does it look like Joe!


There were a lot of areas on Joe that had no fur at all - just smooth resin.
In some spots I tried carving more fur on the smooth resin,
and in others I added some modeling putty and carved the fur into that.


Here's a 3D picture, if you have a prismatic stereoscopic viewer.
Enlarge the page until the width of the grey area is 178mm and it'll look beautiful.

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