Mystery Of The Wax Museum
1/6th scale, resin / Sculpted by Christopher Elizardo / Produced by Mickey and Mallory Kits

A great Pre-Code movie from Warner Bros, and one of my favorite classic horror films! It's got bootleggers, dope addicts, crooked cops - what more could you ask for?
This is Lionel Atwill - though you're not supposed to know that until the end of the movie.

The movie used an early 2-strip (as compared to the later 3-strip) Technicolor process.
The two colors were a weird green and a strange pinkish - orange. I tried to stick to those colors when choosing a paint scheme for this model.
If you buy this film on DVD as of 2014, either singly from Warner Archives or as the back of the 1953 remake "House of Wax",
you'll notice that they corrected the color to enable blue. That disappointed me. It's still colored weird, but now all the warmth is gone.
A similar film, "Doctor X", is also available, but they didn't mess with the color on that one and you can see it as audiences saw it in 1932.

Before painting, I watched the film again (I'm always looking for an excuse to watch any horror film from the 30s).
I noticed that this model is a bit thinner than Lionel Atwill, but then I noticed that this character is thinner than Lionel Atwill in the film as well. I have a feeling
that someone else donned the latex mask for all the scenes where this guy is lurking around. and that Atwill only appeared in the makeup in the final scenes.

I also noticed that all the characters had shiny shoes - even the grubby heroin addict. Go figure.


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