Artomic, 1/6 scale, resin, sculpted by Thomas Kuntz
scratch-built base

Being bored and stuck inside during our coronavirus pandemic, I decided to build a new base for this model.
The old base, though nice, was an early attempt at building bases, so it had problems that I was well aware of.
I think this one came out nicer. (You can scroll down the page to see the same model with the old base).

This looks like a shot from the movie!

I was going for the the doorway to the room that Jonathan Harker was staying in at the Count's castle.

I couldn't figure it out in the film, but it looked like the top left-hand corner of the room had a ton of mold growing on it. Eewww!

I think the nameplate came from the Headless Hearseman a long time ago. The rats are from Aurora; I don't remember if they were all from the "customizing kits" or spares from their monster models.


XO-Facto (2020)
resin, about 1/7th scale, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

This is definitely a "WOW" kit!

An eerie shot from the rear:

I know it's just a curtain, but I was mightily impressed by it:

resin, 1/6 scale, Thomas Kuntz sculpt, Artomic Productions
scratch-built base

I love this model!
I bought it from Thomas Kuntz' Artomic Creations a long time ago
along with the two Caligari models and The Golem

It comes with real hair for the ears.


I built the base from scratch. I used styrofoam, plaster, and doll house bricks for the wall. I built the doors with balsa wood.
The rats come from Polar Light's reissue of the Aurora Customizing Kits. The bucket and trunk came from a craft shop.


This is an alternative photo of the whole model using diffused lighting:

Older photos from the old Model Museum

styrene, 1/8 scale, Monarch models

Great sculpt! Just like the old Auroras!

This is an alternative photo of the whole model using diffused lighting:

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