1/6 scale, resin, from Resincrypt
Sculpted by Brian Hamilton / Base by Fritz Frising the Headless Hearseman

Yeow! This movie creeped me out when I was a kid, and it's so cool to have a model of it that's been done this well.
Kudos to Vin at Resincrypt for consistently putting out such fine work.

I had to showcase the base alone as well. Fritz Frising is turning into the Jeff Yaghar of bases!

After watching the movie again for painting details (always enjoyable), I really have to point something out.

So Bela Lugosi builds this elaborate torture chamber in the basement of his mansion.
There are multiple ways of killing people using these contraptions, including a room where the walls close in and crush you to death.
Who on earth was his contractor, and wasn't he at least a bit concerned about what he was building?

I printed up the same labels that were used in the movie and decoupaged them on.
I also shortented the levers so they'd be roomier. For the indicator lights,
I drilled each hole a bit wider with a 3/32 bit, which fit the given jewels perfectly.


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