sculpted by Hayao Hama, produced by Billiken
1/6th scale, vinyl, scratch-built base

A classic from Billiken, Japan! I bought this recently, but the vinyl smelled like a moldy cellar. I let it soak in water and bleach for weeks and then let it dry out for about a year.
Luckily, the smell was gone. Then I started having some fun with it!


First I watched the movie. It's definitely one of the worst movies of all time, but it has one very cool-looking monster in it.



The pier is made of basswood, which I stained.


The water is Vallero Water Effects. I put it on top of a very cheap ($2.00!) picture frame I got at a craft store. I put an ocean-blue piece of construction paper under the glass of the frame,
laid the frame down, and started adding the water effects. Before the effects solidified, I needed to squish the finished pier into it.


I added a bit of green mold to the bottoms of the pier posts.


Grrrr! I sprayed her with a coat of clear gloss. Usually it's hard to get a vinyl model to not look a little bit glossy, but that wasn't an issue in this situation.


I stained some footprints behind her with a darker stain and then glossed them when they dried to make it look like she was leaving behind wet footprints.


Another shot of the water. For a long-term pain-in-the-butt, this was one fun kit to build!

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