Son Of Frankenstein
1/6 scale, resin
sculptor: Andy Bergholtz / producer: Forbidden Zone

Yeow! A three-run homer!

This was produced years ago, and it looked too daunting to even attempt. Then a used one came up, and I decided to take up the challenge.

All three figures are epoxied to the base. Karloff would be able to stand up anyway, but Igor needs to lean on him a bit, and Basil Rathbone needs to lean on the monster a lot just to stay up.

Looks at these hands! I thought it would be a nightmare to try to line them up, but it wasn't so bad in the end.

Nice base, too. This kit was a joy to work on.

Son of Frankenstein
1/8th scale
Monster: vinyl, Geometric // Igor: Mike Hill through Village Comics, resin // base: resin, Geometric

WOW! Igor was absolutely the perfect way to fill this diorama!
Thanks to Fritz (the Headless Hearseman) for giving him up!


Lugosi was SO malevolent in this film.




The close-up of Karloff shows that I re-painted the face using very few colors.
I got the idea from watching the film again - Jack Pierce really hurried through the makeup this time. He didn't use much shadowing or depth.


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