Sorry for the photo-heavy page!
This is a building we have out back; it has electricity but no plumbing.
A guy built it around 1890 to manufacture cigars, which he sold in the town center.
The interior, which was plastered, had become badly damaged, so I stripped it to the walls.
Then I decided that the walls looked pretty cool, and I built shelves, got some lighting, and moved all my models out there.

The shelves start with the 1920s and then move through the 1930s (the bulk of the collection) into the forties and beyond.
There's also a small area for the Aurora models and various other 1/8th scale figures;
unfortunately I haven't gotten around to lighting it yet.

If you go back to the model museum home page, you can hunt down info on each model.
For now, just bask in the pictures. I hope you enjoy!

The 1920s

The 1930s

The 1940s and beyond

Aurora and other 1/8 scale models