About 9 inches tall, resin
Produced by Geometric Designs / sculpted by Joe Laudati
Lighthouse modified with an LED kit from Evans Design; base mounted on plate glass and modified with Vallejo Water Effects.

NOTE: The lighthouse actually fades in and out, just like a real lighthouse would.

I bought this model because of the photo that Geometric had on their web page. It floored me for some reason, and I just had to work on it.
I don't remember much from the movie except for this scene.

The base was laid on a piece of plate glass and then I applied water effects to the uncovered glass. I threw some of the water effects in the little pools on the base as well.
After all was dry, I turned it over and painted the other side of the glass mediterranean blue. When that was dry, I covered it with a few coats of gloss enamel
and then glued some vinyl feet on, all to keep the blue paint from getting scratched over time. I turned it over to look, and the effect had come out gorgeous.
I then whitecapped a few of the waves with paint. Needless to say, this was all done before attaching the Beast or the lighthouse.

The lighthouse took a lot of thought and a few missteps. I cut the former light room out with a hacksaw, so I only had the cupola and the tower.
I attached a disc made of Apoxie sculpt to the top of the cupola-less tower and worked it for awhile until it looked fairly round and flat.
While the putty was still soft, I attached 6 - 3/4 inch cuts I had made from hard round toothpicks. I kept adjusting them over the next hour
until they were all parallel to each other and perpendicular to the top of the tower (that was NOT easy!).
The next day, I made a putty disc for the bottom of the cupola and then squeezed it down a bit on top of the toothpicks. It worked!

The next day I installed the light and surrounded the light room with vellum paper. It worked great!

This is the ugly backside, so you can see everything. I made an addendum to the base so I could hide the battery in it.

This was WAY too much fun! You should see it blink!



Not a very good day to be a lighthouse keeper.....


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