1/6th scale, Horizon Creature, Julie Adams figure produced by Lunar Models and sculpted by Bruce Turner
scratch-built base, Photoshopped jungle background

The guy I bought these two figures from had an idea of putting them on the boat instead of the beach.
That idea was about the only good thing to come of that deal. It took months for him to acknowledge that I had even paid him,
and then it took him forever to ship them. Luckily, I've forgotten his name forever......


1/4th scale (HUGE), resin, Kit Kong, sculpted by Jeff Yagher
Vallero Water Effects added to the base

I had passed on this when it first came out. When Kit Kong re-released it, I had to jump on it.
This is one of the most beautiful models in my collection. It's HUGE - about a foot and a half tall.
And the detail on it is staggering.

It was tough figuring out a color scheme for something this realistic. Anything that would look fine on a smaller piece looks cartoony on a large model.
There's a mix of dark jungle green base, leaf green drybrush (VERY bright, light green), straw yellow highlights on the edges,
and then a dark wash of burnt umber over the whole thing. I think it came out nice.

The eyes were weird - kind of vertical slits. I had a hard time making them look right, so I watched the movie again (any excuse will do),
and when I saw the eyes were circular, I decided to dremel out the eyes and re-putty new ones. And I didn't screw it up!

The base is a beaut, and it's from inside the Creature's cave. I tried covering it with Vallero Water Effects, which are very, very cool.
However, this much of it takes forever to clear up. I've been waiting a month so far. I figure by 2018 it may be transparent.

1/6th scale, vinyl, Horizon, scratch-built base



A bit of sand, seaweed and reeds from Old Cape Cod!
I painted the blue and white water on the base and then covered it with clear caulking.


1/8th scale, vinyl, resin and metal, Geometric









I spent forever trying to glue his hand to the rock to hold him up.
DUH! As a physics teacher, I should have known the torque would be too much.
Then, after trying every adhesive I could get my hands on,
I realized all I had to do was to bend the metal leaves into position
and let him rest on those.


Old faithful. Many a firecracker went into the mouths of his siblings back in the sixties!


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