The Fly
Resin, about 1/8th scale (based on the size of the head)
Fake cobwebs and plant added, as well as a tiny sound system

Sculptor / Producer unknown at this time

Way cool, very icky model!
I added a little mic / circuit board / speaker contraption that I got on amazon. It's designed for personalizing those greeting cards that play music when you open them up.
If you hit the button on the left side right behind the nameplate, you hear this:

It's REALLY cool!

I then added the plants to try and hide the circuit board.

This model is so icky, I needed to paint it fast and get it out of the house before the family revolted!


The cobwebs look even better in these photos than they do in real life.


I think the moral of the movie is "make sure you've repaired the screens in your cellar windows before you start dematerializing...."

The body of the fly is painted with folk art's "color shift" acrylic paint. You need to prime the area with bright white first (my daughter Allison told me that, based on her makeup expertise),
and then lay the paint on kind of thick. The refraction in the paint is such that it changes color as you look at it from different angles.

The poster makes it sound like her husband is some kind of creep....

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