Monstrology Models, 1/6 scale resin (more like 1/5 scale)
(figure sculpted by Jonathan Wang, base sculpted by J. Crinon)

This is one big, heavy model!

Glenn Strange played Petro, who was being used as a human guinea pig by George Zucco.
Zucco apparently needed an army of werewolves. Go figure.
The movie was cheap, but Zucco did a great job as a looney, and Strange was very sympathetic as the simpleton who was being taken advantage of.

The base that came with it wasn't very appealing unpainted, so I was going to build something from scratch.
Thene I finally took a second look at it and decided to at least prime it. That's when the detail started to show, and suddenly I was excited about it after all.

While painting it, I noticed the signature on the back - "J Crinon". I see his bases on eBay all the time, but I never knew they were this good.
I bought a few, and I am very, very pleased with them!

and I recently got an email from the sculptor, Jonathan Wang! Here it is:

Hi Tim,
I came across your Model Museum and saw your excellent build up of my kit
Petro From The Mad Monster!. This was the first sculpture I did for my company
Monstrology Models back in 1992. We did some other kits you may of heard of most
Prominent perhaps was William Paquet's sculpt of Vincent Price from pit and the pendulum.
Great photos by the way and a lot of great build ups
Jon Wang

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