The Mask Of Fu Manchu

Resin, 1/6th scale
Sculpted by Randy Lambert for Dimensional Designs

This is a newer repaint of the model; when I first painted it years ago, I neither scrubbed it clean first to get rid of the mold release nordid I prime it.
Years later, the paint was falling off in chunks! At first I was terribly ticked off at myself for not prepping it correctly, but then the coronavirus pandemic came along
and I had plenty of time on my hands. So I stripped it by letting it soak in industrial grease remover for two days. Then I re-sculpted the eyes; I had never liked the way they looked,
and while re-watching the film I saw that Karloff had really heavy lids attached to his eyes, so you never them wide-open like on the original model.
I re-sculpted the eyelids by adding the tiniest amount of modelling putty. You can compare the difference by looking at the old photos which follow these new ones.

These two photos were shot with a green screen background; I Photoshopped the red dragon wall in after the fact.
I'll be printing out the wall later and will display it behind the figure as shown.

Here's the model without the background:

I think the eyes are much better now.

Here are the old photos with the defective paint job.


(the following text came before I had re-worked the model):
Something went terribly wrong with this one - I may have forgotten to either wash it when I got it or forgotten to prime it before painting.
At any rate, the paint is peeling off of it! I'll be stripping it in the future and seeing if I can do a better job....


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