Horizon, vinyl, about 1/7 scale (bigger than 1/8 but smaller than 1/6)
Two models, one cut in half.

Scratch-built base

I got this idea from someone else on the Hobby Talk modeling board and decided to try it myself.
The Horizon Mole People model (not a recast) can usually be had for cheap on eBay, probably
because the movie was so goofy (sorry if I have offended fans).
But the images of the Mole People were always striking.

You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to pay for a model and then cut it in half.
I threw out the waist and legs. My wife thought I should have saved them,
though I can't imagine how I would have used them.
Maybe show one Mole Person retreating back into the ground?






This nameplate came from the Headless Hearseman.
His nameplates are so cool, I've bought some that I don't even need, just because they looked great.

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