1/6th scale, resin
Sculpted by Chris Borowiec / Totality Productions
scratch-built base, basswood, balsafoam, chain, rubber O-rings
base support: 1/4" thick glass mirror


"The Penalty" is one of Lon Chaney's best movies, and I was excited to get ahold of this long-gone figure kit.
I also knew that I had to do the fireplace diorama.
Chaney plays an insanely evil underworld gangster. He has a secret entrance to his underground lair through the fireplace in his apartment;
He climbs the chains with his hands to get between the two levels.



The base is a large sheet of mirror. I did that to maximize the reflected light, but then I realized that it would also make it look like you were peering into the cellar if you looked closely.



Here's what it looks like when you peer over the edge. When it's sitting on a table, the model looks like it extends far below the tabletop.



Seeing it in motion, you can really appreciate the vertigo-inducing effect. This is sitting on top on one of my speakers, and it feels like you're looking deep down into the speaker cabinet:

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