1/7 scale, resin
Sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Monsters In Motion

WOW! Just like the aurora box:


This was a LOT of fun to build, and it was great to finally have a model that looked like what I thought I was buying way back in the sixties.






1/4 scale, resin
KitKong Mansion

This is a stunningly beautiful model, and a perfect complement to KitKong's other HUGE 1/4 scale figures.

resin, 1/8 scale, sculpted by Jeff Yagher

kitbash includes Polar Lights Phantom organ, nameplate by The Headless Hearseman,
and a floor extension scratch-built from balsa foam.

Wow! I finally bagged one of these!
I didn't use the boat that sits behind the model due to the extra depth (it wouldn't fit on my shelf),
so I finally decided to make the Polar Lights' Phantom model productive by using its organ.
That required extending the base of the floor by two more rows of granite slabs.
I used balsa foam for the first time - it's great stuff! I also think that Yagher may have used the same piece
when sculpting the model - it's the exact same size as the original floor, though I cut it down here to only two slabs wide.
The extension sits flat on the shelf in the Model Museum - it's a bit wobbly here because of the black velvet it's sitting on for the photo.



The nameplate was the perfect touch!

The model is painted with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic paints.
Eric's face is a base coat of Empire Gold (not metallic), a wash of Walnut, and a drybrush of Ivory.


This is definitely a contender for my favorite model!





cold-cast resin, 1/6 scale. sculpted by John Schneider with additional re-tooling by David Fisher, Action Kits

What a dynamic sculpt! And what a heavy model! Got it used on eBay for about $100, which is a great price.
The mask and the scepter are made of soft metal.






Old faithful, from Aurora:

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