1/6th scale, resin with scratch-built base
Figures sculpted by Brian McGuire
produced by Alternative Images

Years in the making! And well worth the wait!

I wanted to fit them all together, so I needed to build a base.
The base is made of classic sculpey, because it was in front of me in a crafts store.
I later learned that paying a bit more would have been better.


The trees are just branches from my yard.
The gallows is made from 1" X 1" X 36" pine from Home Depot. It had a knothole in it, which was perfect!


The wood looked too "new", so I tried sanding the sharp edges with a dremel tool. A couple of times I slipped and it made a 'ding' in the surface of the wood,
which gave me an idea. I started dremeling in these long random lines in the wood and it made it look like old timber!




I sculpted the feather out of epoxy putty wrapped around a sewing needle.
I also drilled a hole per Brian's instructions through the hand so he could hold the noose.


I copied the poster from the opening credits of the film!


A very cool model from a very cool movie.......




Two of the three figures - hopefully the third will be coming soon!

YEOW!!! I was so psyched when I first saw a photo of this model unbuilt, I just had to get one!
Just like in the 1964 film, it was finally delivered to me surreptitiously.
The little mouse has big ears and lots of lawyers, so my lips are sealed. Actually, I couldn't help you get one anyway.
I still have no idea who produced this kit.


The straw is glued into the inside brim of the hat using Elmer's glue. I also built up a little bulge on the right side of the hat using Alves putty around a small nail.
Then I removed the nail before the putty dried. Once it was dry, I painted the hat and inserted straw through the hole, which is how it looked in the film.
I also drilled two small holes in the hat and added a strap made of white rope, which was also present in the film.
The wood coming out of his shoulders was carved from balsa wood.






1/6 scale, resin


One of the two companions - finally!





This TV movie thrilled me when I was six years old in 1964. It finally saw a limited DVD release a few years ago, and I must admit
it stills holds up well. I think I've watched it four times since buying it.

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