1/9th scale, resin and vinyl, Polar Lights
Scratch-built base

This was WAY too much fun! I did a painting of the background mountains, scanned the painting, blurred it in Photoshop, and then printed it on vellum.
There's a balsawood box around it with four LED lights in it.

These look like stills from the movie! Yeow!

The four figures in the crystal ball are just too tiny for me to put detail on the faces.


Easy lighting using a battery, a switch, and four LEDs. Everything is held into place with this really cool reusable wax, so if I think of a better way to light this, I can just pop it off and re-work it.

For the curious, here's the painting I did of the mountains before I blurred it in Photoshop and printed it on translucent vellum:


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