The Undertaker (Uncle Creepy)
1/8th scale, resin
Sculpted by John Dennett 1991/ Produced by Necromania Concepts

Wow! Unfortunately, I only put the book behind him for this photograph. But WOW!

Here's what he usually looks like. I decoupaged a photo of issue #3 onto some balsawood to add the magazine background.
That cover gave me the willies when I was a kid!


Uncle Creepy in all his glory! I am hoping to, umm, dig up Cousin Eerie shortly.... heh, heh, heh....



And what good is a graveyard without green slime oozing from it?
Actually, I don't know - I've never seen green slime oozing from anywhere.

They always seemed to like it in the pages of CREEPY, though...

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