1 Take Me Home © 2020 Andy Hollinger
2 Without You © 2005 Andy Hollinger
3 Tell Me Something © 1997 Andy Hollinger
4 Hollow Day © 2003 Andy Hollinger
5 Handful of Nuts © 2020 Andy Hollinger
6 Alcohol Was Involved ©2009 Andy Hollinger


Andy Hollinger: vocals, stringed things, percussion arrangements, songs
Rob Emslie: harmony vocals arranged & sung on tracks 1--4, 6; accordion on track 4, saxophone on track 6
Stephen Born: harmonica on tracks 1, 4, 6

Here's a preview of "Alcohol Was Involved",
my favorite song of 2020:

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Two albums in one year? Yikes! Well, that's what you get when a pandemic shuts the whole world down and musicians can't play in front of audiences.

Andy and his buddies have come up with a great little EP full of acoustic tunes; two new songs as well as re-imaginings of earlier works. As usual, it sounds great and is highly recommended.

Get both 2020 Trap Dorz albums in MP3 form on one very cool USB flash drive that looks like a credit card! $9.99 (includes S&H - sorry, continental U.S. orders only - no international shipping):

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