Free Sampler!
Lowbudget Records now available in hi-resolution!

Download our hi-rez sampler right now
or have us ship a DVD to you for a penny!

19 tracks in glorious 24 bit sound quality!

Digital download (about 1.8 GB)
(24 bit stereo WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

24 bit stereo and surround sound
FREE! ($3.99 S&H):

Lowbudget Records is proud to offer our back catalog in high resolution stereo and surround mixes!

To celebrate, we're offering you a FREE 19-track downloadable sampler containing 24-bit stereo WAVs suitable for playback on computers capable of playing 24-bit files. Additionally, you can copy the WAV files to a flash drive and plug them into any TV set or DVD player that features a USB port. Try it - it really works, and it sounds great!

The downloads also contain 256kbps MP3s for portable/mobile devices. 256kbps is a much higher quality setting than what you'd get purchasing downloads on iTunes or amazon.

If you have a surround setup (or if you'd rather not deal with flash drives), you can buy the DVD version from us for only $3.99 to cover shipping and handling. The DVD contains the stereo files as well as 24-bit surround mixes of each track.

We are rolling out our catalog as downloads and DVDs. The downloads contain 24-bit stereo WAV files - - the actual masters of each song on the album before they were reduced to 16-bit for audio CD - and 256kbps MP3s, as well as graphics. For the physical DVDs, we've gone back to the 24-bit multitrack sources of these albums and remixed them to 24-bit 5.1 surround sound, which we are presenting in both DTS and Dolby Digital. The DVDs also include the same 24-bit stereo mixes as the downloads. And they come in nifty mini-LP style jackets!

These downloads and discs are meant for serious listening. 24 bit sound has much, much more detail to it than 16-bit CDs or 128kbps MP3s. Attacks are crisp; nuances in performance are readily apparent. Your playback system will sound noticeably better to you. So turn it up, and enjoy the extra headroom that 24-bit sound offers.

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