Get Thee Behind Me, Satan b/w In My Hour Of Dying (Doctor X single LB45009)




These are two songs that had lain as dormant seeds in the ground for at least ten years. All I had for "Satan" was the first lyric and the riff. I was further along with "Dying" - I had the first two lyrics and the riff. Then 2020 hit, and I realized that if I ever wanted to see these two young pups grow into adulthood, I'd best be moving on them right away. They've finally gotten the attention they had always deserved.

"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan" became my reaction to the loonies that were out in full force during the recent US presidential election. I was like, "C'mon folks! You don't have to believe in crackpot conspiracy theories! You can actually think for yourself! You can actually be a good person and a good citizen - it's well within your capabilities!" (I'm not singling out the left or the right here. I've heard crazy enough stuff from both sides.)

Captain Feedback himself, Billy Carl Mancini of Bird Mancini, played the lead guitars that are swirling all over the place. You should hear them in surround...

"In My Hour Of Dying", a lazy blues shuffle, turned into a non-morbid rumination on dying with dignity, which is something we all want. That dormant seed of a song sprouted fast during the COVID pandemic. I had no trouble coming up with the remaining lyrics after what we were all seeing.

Andy Hollinger added his resonator slide guitar to great effect, and Glenn Williams played the bass ukelele - an instrument I'd love to actually experience in front of me for real. From what you can hear on this track, its size is defying the laws of physics.

The cover photo is an antique (1920s?) hand-colored postcard of an exorcism that seems to be going terribly wrong. My dear departed friend Bonnie Gordon found it years ago in an antique store and said she thought of me immediately! I'm sure there was a compliment in there somewhere, but you'd have to dig for it....

The font is the same that was used for George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" album, for all you Beatle freaks!

The video here on our website is in surround, and the video on YouTube is in stereo. "Get Thee Behind Me Satan" really is 3:33 in length - that was unplanned!

"Get Thee Behind Me Satan" is up first, and "In My Hour Of Dying" naturally begins at 3:33. And, as far as I know, there's no hidden backward message at 6:66!


- Tim Casey


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