Angel of Light
Keep Thee Hope For Me
Have Mercy
The Blues Ain't Nothing
(But A Good Man Feeling Bad)
If You Call, I'll Answer
I Loved You So Much
Orpheus In The Lizard Lounge
Tabla Rascal
The Good Earth
I Have Tried

bonus tracks:
The Chill Room
27 minutes of ambient music

Digital download
( 24 bit WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

24 bit stereo and surround sound
$16.99 w/ FREE shipping:


Doctor X lets his keyboard do the talking!
After I purchased Spectrasonic's sample CD collection "Vocal Planet" and came up with one or two very cool songs,
I started working on an entire album devoted to using pre-existing vocal parts as a basis for songwriting.
It was a lot of fun, and the results are memorable, if I do say so myself.

"Speechless" was first published in a very limited edition in 2003. Mr. Curt's CD, which he loves dearly, began skipping this year.
After looking into making him a new copy, I heard what a great album it was and realized that it needed a makeover.
It's now available as a remastered audio CD, a remastered 24-bit DVD in stereo and surround, and a digital download
The results are stunning.

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