1. The Sirens of Titan
2. Big Prairie Sky
3. Full Fathom Five
4 The Big Wave
5 Glacier
6 Early Warning System
7 A Golden Hall of Shimmering Needles
8 Wah?
9 Wow!
10. Babble
11 Across The Fields Of China
12 The Long Road
13 Paradise Lost
14 You Are! Hear?

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( 24 bit WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

24 bit stereo and surround sound
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Chillgroove (the CD) is the result of a year's worth of Sunday afternoon jam sessions between Tim Casey (aka Doctor X), Hayim Kobi and Kerry Maxwell,
three musicians with eclectic tastes and a hankering for unique sounds. Each jam was recorded on a Mac using Digital Performer.
They were then edited down to make a pop album of three-to-five minute pieces and overdubs were added when needed.

The result is an audiophile album of electronic ambient, jazz, rock and world music that bears repeated listening.
Now in high resolution stereo and surround!

Hayim Kobi - new-school laptop synths/sequences, Handsonic electronic percussion
Tim Casey - old-school hardware synths/sequences, guitars, sampled voices
Kerry Maxwell - guitars and stuff that looks like guitars but sure doesn't sound like them.

Don Anderson - guest trumpeter on "The Big Wave"

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