Chillgroove - JuJu
(note: this 2-disc set is too large for one download; it must be purchased and downloaded in two parts)

1. Nightwalk
2. Burning Too Slow
3. She Wore Jasmine Blossoms
4. Choo Choo
5. Many, Many Miles
6. It's A Zen Thing
7. Incident In The Marketplace
8. My Life Is Ruled By Volcanoes
9 Juju
10. Dust To Dust
11. Voices Of The Moon

12. Aerial part Ia
13. Aerial part Ib
14. Aerial part II
15. Aerial part III
16. Aerial part IVa
17. Aerial part IVb
18. Aerial part V

Digital download
( 24 bit WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

part 1, $6.99:

part 2, $3.00:

24 bit stereo and surround sound
$16.99 w/ FREE shipping:


Chillgroove is Tim Casey (Doctor X), Hayim Kobi, and Kerry Maxwell.

This 2-CD set was recorded from 2006 through 2008 and was heavily influenced by our rehearsals for a live acoustic / multimedia show of our prior album. We were also blessed with the contributions of Ruby Bird on blues harp, Yoni Shalom on bass, and Noam Sender on ney (flute), zurna (woodwind) and improvised vocals which brought the album into even more of a global perspective.

The audio CD is a 2-disc set: disc 1 contains 11 short pieces structured as pop songs while disc 2 contains five of our legendary Sunday jams, all polished up and ready for your ambient chill room.

The DVD contains the entire double album on one disc.

If you like acoustic / world music, ambient music, or cut-and-paste sampling you'll love this album, now polished up in gorgeous high resolution stereo and surround.

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