1. Billion Dollar Babies / 2. Sound and Vision
3. Rock On / 4. Rock and Roll (part 2)
5. Time / 6. Creepin' / 7. Bennie and the Jets
8. Hotel California / 9. Do It Again
10. Heroes / 11. Mainman
12. You Can Close Your Eyes

Digital download
( 24 bit WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

24 bit stereo and surround sound
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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, to quote the opening notes of our new CD, "Doctor X and His Groovalicious Astrobeats - Stuck In The Sedated Seventies!", now available in more formats than you can shake a stick at, if that's you're idea of a good time.

The first "Doctor X" CD, from the year 2000 ("Lost In The Psychedelic Sities"), started as a joke but became an obsession - electronica covers of baby boomer classics from the sixties (out of print, but soon to be re-released with bonus tracks).

Ten years later, the Astrobeats are ready for the next decade - the seventies. Along with the good Doctor, this decade's Groovalicious Astrobeats include Allen Abate, Andy Hollinger, Mike Iodice, Billy Carl Mancini, and Glenn Williams.

"Doctor X And His Groovalicious Astrobeats - Stuck In The Sedated Seventies" covers the period from about 1971 until punk broke - a whole 'nother album. We're talking Alice Cooper, David Bowie, David Essex, Alan Parsons, Elton John, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, T Rex, James Taylor, and that drunken football stadium anthem "Rock and Roll (part 2)" from Gary Glitter - all twisted through the electronic space-time warp of the heroic Doctor X and his Groovalicious Astrobeats, who dare to go nowhere and are not unafraid of anything (enough double negatives to cover their collective butts, and a long enough sentence to lose track of the subject and the predicate).

The Groovalicious Astrobeats, who actually reside in the 23rd century, are enjoying the album in 546.3 formats throughout their hectic lives. However, they've filtered their enormous data files down to four formats for the enjoyment of those of us stuck in the 21st century - downloadable mp3s (good for your iPod only), audio CDs (better - good for your stereo and you can rip them to your iPod), 24 bit downloadable WAV files for computer and outboard DAC playback, and DVDs (containing hi resolution stereo copies of the master tape, punchy and loud DTS surround soundtracks, and standard Dolby Digital surround soundtracks, along with tons'o'graphics for your TV).

The download will give you the hi rez 24 bit stereo masters as well as some 256kbps MP3s (twice as good as iTunes) and really cool graphics with credits and such. If you have a surround system, you'll want the DVD.

Highly recommended...

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