"Dark, deep, insightful, great harmonies well produced and recorded." -
Diane Andronica


1. Dear Friends
2. Out On The Lam
3. Cocktails
4. Are We There Yet?
5. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
6. Kitty Jay
7. The Grandfather
8. Geronimo
9. Peonies
10. Cloud Of Ease
11. Farewell Ride

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An acoustic, arty, pop-rock band once known as Mr. Curt Ensemble (then Mr. Curt Trio, which evolved into MC3) has now achieved a new moniker = MC4, with the addition of drummer/percussionist, Goss. This is a group that has captured aspects of the old 60s/70s ethos that saw a number of units with free spirits and progressive sentiments trying all kinds of experimental formats to greater or lesser degree. Many of their way cool tunes are luxurious projections of that whole gig: breezy & flowing, - especially in the Balkan breeze invading much of the music, chiefly through Clara Kebabian's violin lines (as well as guitar and vocals) and the washes of atmosphere she creates, measurably expanding each and every song. Aided by Mr. Curt (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Marty White (bass), many of these same great notions exist in this irrepressible quartet. In the upcoming months, they will be appearing locally in support of their newest album, “A Half Bubble Off Plumb” (Lowbudget Records LBCD75).

As we receive reviews of the album, we'll be posting them here online in a verbal mash-up. Stay tuned.

personal contact: Curt Naihersey 617-364-8783

photo: Ms. Donna

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