1. In Sync
2. Wandering Mind
3. Heightened Awareness
4. The Fifth Bell
5. Slow Burning Ice
6. Dark Shore
7. Frozen Grains
8. Tibetan Lullabye
9. My Piano Floats And Will Not Drown
10. Delay In D Major
11. Japanese Teagarden, All Is Forgiven

Digital download
(24 bit WAVs, 256k MP3s, and graphics)

24 bit stereo and surround sound
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CD/DVD combo:

Available as a digital download (more info) or as a deluxe 2-disc CD / DVD set.

I released the three-disc set “Ambient Hours” in 2009, comprised of 40 relatively short pieces of ambient music.
I had no idea it would be so popular - it’s one of the most downloaded titles from Lowbudget Records,
and the individual pieces are streamed regularly on just about every internet radio station attuned to ambient music.

During the past two years, after working intensely as part of a full-fledged rock band,
the urge returned to compose more of these ambient pieces, and after a few months of serendipitous keyboarding,
I realized that I had recorded enough music for another disc. It seemed a pity that Ambient Hours was already released as three discs,
so I decided an addendum was in order, hence this new collection.

I was also excited to be able to produce a CD / DVD of ambient music. I love surround sound, especially DTS, which sounds so full-bodied.
Ambient music is particularly well suited to surround-sound, since it is a meditative genre that lends itself to intense listening,
and this disc shines in surround. I truly regret that the ambient works of Brian Eno or Biosphere aren’t available in the format.
It’s like floating in a sea of sound.

At it’s worst, ambient music can be annoying or, I daresay, even stupid.
But at its best, it can relieve stress and bring the listener to a slightly higher plane,
where the little things that people negatively obsess over begin to seem trivial.
Suddenly “don’t sweat the small stuff” seems as vital a philosophy as is the Golden Rule.

Again, thanks to Spectrasonics for the Omnisphere synth, which made most of the sounds
you'll hear on this disc. It is my Stradivarius, and I love playing it.

- Tim Casey, March 2014
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