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Yes, I’m serious - I love country music.
Many of these songs were covered by the likes of Ray Charles and Nat King Cole and my mother played their albums constantly when I was growing up.
These songs are part of my DNA, and I was blown away when I finally heard the originals - Hank Williams, Ted Daffan, The Carter Family.
Pure bliss, and nothing like the country-pop of the new millenium. These songs are snapshots of common life across America in the mid-twentieth century.
Heartaches, loss, and just trying to get along with the missus (or mister) without having to sleep outside in the doghouse - this was all stuff that real people could relate to.

In the sixties, these songs influenced bands as diverse as The Rolling Stones and The Byrds.
Heck, Bob Dylan’s fingerpicking is the offspring of Maybelline Carter.
She picked that way because they couldn’t get a bass player, and guitarists have played that way ever since.

And rock and roll itself is rhythm and blues with a healthy dose of Hank Williams. Country and Western’s structures and riffs are all over the rock and roll canon.

So pull up a chair, put up your feet, relax, and take a listen to some good tunes. Happy trails!

- Tim Casey

note: This album would’ve sounded like doo-doo if not for Andy Hollinger.
I swear, he’s not really here right now - he’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee in February of 1936 and regularly goes through wormholes in time
to record albums in the year 2015. Thank you Andy for all your excellent fretwork.

another note: The download contains both stereo and mono versions of the album.
I couldn’t resist doing a mono mix - the old 78s were in mono, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get another chance again to release a mono album.
It’s a great mix, and was used as a levels and effects reference for both the stereo mixes and the surround mixes.

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