(l to r):
Goss, drums/percussion/vocals
Mr. Curt, vocals/acoustic guitar/keyboards/fx
Geoff Pango, acoustic guitar/vocals
Marty White, bass


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As the late great Pete Seeger once said: “To everything there is a season - turn, turn, turn.”
Thus, it came to pass that the venerable group Mr. Curt Ensemble/MC3/MC4 became a new entity: FUN ERA FIFTY.
Following the release of their 2013 hit album, “A Half Bubble Off Plumb”, changes ensued - members left, new talent arrived.
New songs & refurbished older tunes flowed effortlessly from their wide-open mouths & magic fingers.
Positive - upbeat - energetic music of the Here & Now. During 2014, they concentrated on live performances
while recording their current EP, “Frozen in Time”, finally unleashing their Power of Poptimism upon the world in February 2015.
This is adult, acoustic, rockin’ pop that reaches back to a golden age of classic artists
and zooms forward to capture contemporary attitudes & sounds. So be it & so it goes.......

Unfortunately, since completion of the recording, they have ceased active performance.
Circumstances arose, forcing them to rethink their intentions. No gigs, no promo tours, no hoopla or hey-ho!
So, like their special heroes (The Beatles in 1966 or XTC in 1982), they are focusing on becoming a studio-only group,
intent on creating most excellent eclectic compositions & recordings. Wish ‘em luck! There’s always more.

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