1. Opening
2. Beat, pt. 1
3. Breathe
4. Cascade, pt. 1
5. Beat, pt. 2
6. Cascade, pt. 2
7. Closing

DOWNLOAD: (24-bit stereo WAV files, 256kbps MP3s, graphics): $9.99

NTSC DVD: (24-bit surround sound and stereo mixes, ambient video):
$16.99 w/FREE shipping

A beautiful day captured on a beautiful album....
The third installment of Ambient Hours is a live performance by Doctor X outside of Studio 99 on Belgrade Avenue during Roslindale's first annual Porchfest
on Saturday, September 15th, 2015, compliments of the hard work of Andy Hollinger and Glenn and Janice Williams.

Glenn asked me to do my "ambient thing", so I went out and bought a Boss Giga Delay, hooked it up to the mixer, brought four keyboards and one guitar,
and started listening to what each one sounded like through a four-second looped delay. Then I'd play off of what I just heard, adding to the loop.
Eventually the older sounds die off and are gradually replaced by the newer sounds.
It's a very inviting concept from Brian Eno's early ambient music days (he's still doing it - check out his gorgeous album "Lux").
Most musicians would find it extremely addictive!

I also put a microphone out towards the street and picked up all the ambient sound, which was also fed to the delay system.

Since this was all being done on a laptop with a Presonus digital mixer, it was easy to record the whole thing in multitrack.

I listened to the one hour long recording a number of times when I got home and tweaked the mix here and there.
I think it's now in a form that you'll enjoy. It certainly is relaxing. I love the way the traffic sounds like ocean waves.
You can also hear a PA check from a neighboring Porchfest porch during Cascade part 1, which I think is really cool.

The MP3 version is very nice for personal listening, but the 24 bit stereo version is much better for serious listening
in a nice room with decent speakers. And the surround sound mix is to die for!
The DVD includes slow motion video of the waves on the beach at Cape Cod during our vacation the month before the performance.
So relax in your easy chair and listen to some great music.
If you're not taking the time to sit down and listen to music with nothing else going on, you're missing out on an awfully big part of the human experience.

- Tim Casey, 2015

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