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free download - just right-click (windows) or cntrl-click (mac) on the surround-sound video above and download it to your computer!

24-bit PCM surround-sound Bluray in mini-lp sleeve $9.99 includes S&H; sorry, no orders outside the US:

24-bit stereo DVD in mini-lp sleeve $9.99 includes S&H; sorry, no orders outside the US:

Now available - "Red Woods" - another long-form ambient Doctor X video!

This ambient video began with a downloaded surround-sound sound FX file I purchased, with license, of birds in Cuba. I've never heard such a beautiful surround-sound recording of birds before this one - usually they record them in an aviary or pet store, and it always sounds like they're inside a building, not outdoors. This recording puts you right in the middle of paradise! I added just a hint of synths and low end to fill the space.

The video was inspired by the beautiful foliage we had last fall. I made some hi-rez Photoshop files of different hues of foliage and then animated them in Final Cut Pro. It's really beautiful, but beware - you may just zone out and stare at the TV for awhile!

I hope you enjoy this bit of calming music and visuals. It's available as a 24-bit surround-sound bluray, a 24-bit stereo-only DVD, or a shorter (free) downloadable HD video in surround-sound, completely compatible with stereo playback systems.

We're offering the physical disc for $9.99, shipped anywhere in the US. (Sorry, no international orders). If you want a downloadable video, go ahead and right-click on the above 10-minute video and download it for free.

Enjoy - and chill out!

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